The Northern March is composed of the four border shires of the Kingdom of Mannheim in the world of Midgard. The adventurers hail from the richest and most powerful, Rose Shire, and from the north’s only city of Blackwall. The frontier beyond the shires is rife with giants, goblins, dragons, and other threats but also contains the homelands of potential allies: elves, halflings, and dwarves.

The setting is inspired by pagan Scotland and based on Germanic mythology.


Erisanthe (Wood Elf Rogue), explorer
Stenn (Wood Elf Monk), wandering warrior from Unicorn Glen
Morag MacAengus (Half-Orc Cleric), reformed pirate
Nathair Cummins (Human Warlock), former acolyte of Tyr


Feiran (Human Ranger), scout and guide
(NPC) Arik (Hobgoblin Fighter), captured wyvern-rider, thrall to Morag


(NPC) Edna the Broad (Human Barbarian), berserker of the north – disintegrated by Black Agnes

Tales of the Northern March

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