Tales of the Northern March

Aisling's Tower

Session 25

19 Blood 192 (continued)

  • Freezing, grey, highly overcast, light air.
  • Giant vultures spotted in the sky. Travel another hour.
  • Attacked by a pack of death dogs and an oni. Steal his hag’s eye and dodge giant vultures.
  • Two more hours travel, spot trees full of dead bodies and the tower.
  • Nathair sends his bat to look for an opening in the wall, he doesn’t find one but hears songs.
  • When Eris goes into trance that night, the night hag comes in from the ethereal plane and steals her bag with the hag’s eye.

20 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light air.
  • Get a log to use to get over the wall but harpy song charms Edna, who scales the wall.
  • The party follows and the doors to the tower open.
  • A short conversation with Aisling ensues, then Morag attacks.
  • Nathair banishes her nightmare and they fight off her hellhounds as she hammers them with magic.
  • The knight retreats back into the tower and calls out her helmed horrors, but her child convinces her to parlay.
  • The Nameless Child asks them to kill the night hag but Morag convinces Aisling to seek atonement and she kills her child and banishes the ghost of her father.
  • Aisling leaves the tower to clear the blight from the land.
  • The party bunks down in the tower to rest before descending below.


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