Tales of the Northern March

Clan Bean

Session 28

22 Blood 192 (continued)

  • They are fighting the four elementals in the illusory treasury after a short rest.
    • Morag thunder waves the water elemental into the fire elemental, destroying it.
    • Nathair banishes the water and air elementals.
    • The snake staff entangles the earth elemental and everyone beats it into rubble.
  • Stay the night in the hag caves.

23 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, calm. Waning crescent moon.
  • Morag uses shape earth to get the shield guardian out.
  • Find the root maze now devoid of the guards and wards and leave easily.
  • Spend the day travelling through the boggy woods to Sruth Arth (“Bear Creek”).
  • Trip a pit trap and attacked by three wereboar brothers and their pet giant boar.
    • Nathair wall of fires them and the rest of the party tries to push them into it.
    • A pack of ghasts with a family resemblance show up part way through the fight.
    • The last two brothers killed as they try to flee the undead
    • Morag uses control water to put out the fires caused by Nathair.
  • Blow the wereboar’s hunting horn and prepare a trap.
  • Three more male wereboars arrive with torches after dark but flee on seeing Morag and the shield guardian.
  • Spend the night and then approach the lair around midnight.

24 Blood 192

  • Freezing, mostly cloudy, gentle breeze. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.
  • Nathair suggests the shield guardian rise up out of the stream.
    • The wereboars hit it with a ballista bolt from a high hole in the wall.
    • Nathair does a fireball through the hole and Stenn enters that way.
    • Morag and the shield guardian enter the main cave.
    • Eris goes invisible and sneaks inside.
    • Nathair fires spells through the entrance.
    • Wereboar women tangle the shield guardian in nets.
    • Stenn engages Papa Bear and defeats him when the snake staff entangles him.
    • Nathair fireballs the nursery, killing all the children and enraging Mama Bear.
    • Pitched battle on the stairs as the women try to kill Nathair.
    • The few remaining women and Mama Bear retreat to the nursery with the last brother guarding the hall.
    • The party kills him and Mama Bear while the last two daughters flee to the last cave.
  • Morag uses revivify to raise three of the four dead children (infant girl, toddler boy, 6-year-old girl).
  • Stenn offers the last two the choice of being turned over to the werebears or killed.
    • They choose the former and are taken there with their two children.
    • One warns him to burn the bodies.
  • The infected elf woman slave is reunited with her infant daughter.
  • The bodies are taken out to be burned.


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