Tales of the Northern March

Valley of the Dragon

Present: Oren, Una, Rory

5 Seed 91
The party heads into the corrupted western end of the Elf Wood to slay Eitrdottir. They encounter many kobold traps, eventually using a fly spell to get past it to within sight of the lair. There they discover the Dragonbane and several members of Una’s family as undead, guarding the entrance. They fly to Oakridge Tower on Rory shapechanged into a Griffin to discover that Eitrdottir came the night before last and laid waste to Otter Creek before laying siege to Oakridge Tower with the resultant zombies. They go to Sheer Hollow to get help from Talulla, gathering new members Hilde and Domari. They return to the lair and destroy the undead, burning down half of the forest in the process.


EricBerg EricBerg

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