Tales of the Northern March

Foundation of the World

Session 32

3 Seed 193 (continued)

After the battle with the aboleth, they unfold their boat and sleep in a leomund’s hut.

4 Seed 193

Ponder the highly dangerous staircase. Fail to clean the stairs. Eris and Stenn ascend and are attacked by a dozen cloakers. They quickly determine that some of them are illusions. Stenn jumps onto one, sends it hurtling to the ground and jumps back onto the stairs. Morag jumps onto one on the ground, killing it with her hammer. One gets away, despite Nathair casting fireball after it.

They finishing climbing the stairs and take a short rest in the corridor at the top before entering the cave beyond. They are attacked by intellect devourers, ropers, piercers, and finally a behir, all of which they dispatch without too much issue. They gut the ropers and find large semi-precious stones, platinum pieces, and some potions.


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