Tales of the Northern March

Hag's Labyrinth

Session 27

22 Blood 192

  • Wake to the pool having been turned acidic.
    • Get to the shore with repeated leomund’s tiny huts.
  • Eventually defeat the arcane lock on the door behind the waterfall, only to trigger the glyph of warding on the floor behind it.
  • Enter a curving corridor where a stone ball rolls towards them.
  • Fight ghouls, hags, and a shield guardian with the help of the serpent staff.
  • Discover that Black Agnes is actually a simulacrum.
  • Salvage potions and a formulary from the alchemical lab ruined by Morag’s gust of wind.
  • Find the treasure room is an illusion covering ruined art and four summoned elementals.


EricBerg EricBerg

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