Tales of the Northern March

Marriage on New Year Day

Present: Oidche, Oren, Una, Rory

28 Sugar 90
The party leaves with the wedding contingent from Fallsport which includes Lord Morgan, Sir Aidan, and Sir Murdoch in addition to Rory’s entire family. They meet with many other attendees on the road.

1 Seed 91
The morning starts with a ball game between the commoners and MacKincaids. Afternoon sees the New Year ritual and the marriage of Sir Sorley MacKincaid to Cora MacRoy, Padraig Fitzwarren to Elspeth Fitzgerald, and Kirk Fitzwarren to Catrina MacBean. The feast lasts well into the night, sullied only by the arrival of Eitrdottir in human form, demanding her phylactery back or she’ll kill their families. They comply and she leaves without issue, but not without notice.

2 Seed 91
A hunting party of Una and Rory’s fathers and uncles leaves to bring down a boar for the feast but do not return. The party goes after them and is set upon by a pack of displacer beasts.


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