Tales of the Northern March

The Dark Below

Session 26

21 Blood 192

  • Freezing, clear skies, gentle breezes.
  • Descend into root maze along web-covered natural staircase.
    • Attacked by swarms of spiders and two wraiths.
  • Stumble on yellow mold.
  • Morag falls into a pit trap with a gelatinous cube.
  • Enter corridor filled with stinking cloud, attacked out of the walls by wights.
  • Find another natural staircase going down.
    • The oni, Tavish, appears and triggers a tunnel collapse. Stenn murders him with fists.
  • Trigger a glyph of warding at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Enter a cave with a large pool fed by a waterfall.
    • Attacked by a spirit naga, water weird, and black pudding.
    • Nathair summons a wall of fire to flush out the naga, fills the cave with steam.
    • The water weird drags Edna and Stenn into the water, saved from drowning by the daily water breathing spell.
    • Morag kills the water weird by pushing all the water to the back corner of the cave.
    • Nathair kills the black pudding by pushing it into the wall of fire with eldritch blasts.
    • Stenn punches the naga to death.
  • Gather the treasure from the now empty pool.
  • Nathair makes a leomund’s tiny hut in the bottom of the pool, underwater.


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