Tales of the Northern March

The Underdark

Session 33

4 Seed 193 (continued)

Explore down the behir’s tunnel and spend most of the day with exhaustive spelunking, avoiding hazards but finding no signs of habitation. Come upon a cave filled with mushrooms where hook horrors are feasting on myconids. They save the last one and its three sprouts. It gets bigger, reanimates three hook horrors to guard the exits, and adds Morag and Eris to the meld. It shows them what mushrooms they can eat and lets them stay for the night. When asked about the way up, it tells them about dark elves in one directions.

5 Seed 193

They follow the tunnel until the reach a room that appears to have been made of worked stone but is now lost to limestone cave structures. Eight duergar appear out of nowhere, growing to ogre size, and attack them, first using bottles of essence of ether in the hopes of taking them alive. In the course of fighting them, they feel something probing at their minds. Stenn is dominated and attacks his fellows until Morag punches him in the face, snapping him out of it. When Nathair drops his wall of fire, they see the mind flayer, who grabs Eris and tries to eat her brain. Morag pulls him off and Stenn punches him to death. When it dies, they feel the attention that’s been on them since they entered the caves become more focused.

Nathair uses a scrying ritual to see what is watching them. He catches a glimpse of a giant brain floating in a pool full of tadpoles, and is then struck dumb by feeblemind. Morag is able to restore him with a prayer bead granting greater restoration.


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