Tales of the Northern March

The Yawning Void

Session 31

1 Seed 193

  • Chilly, clear skies, gentle breeze, new moon. (12 hours of daylight)
  • Sail downriver for 11 hours to Loch Mathan.
  • Continue on into the night.
  • An hour into the Loch, a maelstrom appears and sucks the party into the Yawning Void.
    • Morag uses the quaal’s feather token anchor to keep the boat fixed.
    • Stuck in place for twenty-four hours.
  • Nathair casts his new commune with nature ritual several times.
    • Detects a kuo toa settlement two miles to the east under the water.
    • Can’t detect a sea floor.
    • Lots of giant animals and elementals.
    • Ceiling is covered with piercers, darkmantles, cloakers, etc.

2 Seed 193

  • Morag prays for commune and legend lore.
    • She learns lore of the Yawning Void with the latter.
  • Row north all day, looking for a stalactite low enough to climb.

3 Seed 193

  • Continue north for four hours until Fredo spots something.
  • Find a huge stalactite with a staircase leading inside, slimy and foul.
  • Nathair casts commune with nature again.
    • Detects more kuo toa, no animals within a mile, and no powerful undead.
  • Morag casts commine and asks Thor:
    • If we enter here, will we have an opportunity to get up to Midgard? Yes.
    • Is there another such opportunity within two days to the north? No.
    • Is there another such opportunity within five days to the south? No.
  • They disembark and argue about scuttling the boat.
  • Eris points out that something’s been swimming alongside the boat.
  • The aboleth contacts her mind, learns her desires, and tells her of a ruined city full of treasure inside.
  • Morag tells it to leave her alone and is contacted, it is angry she serves the gods.
  • Everyone bolts up the stairs.
  • They find the interior hollow and filled with open temples large and small.
  • Ancient carvings and shiny things attract them to a temple, where another aboleth lurks in a pool.
  • On leaving, they are attacked by galeb duhr. Stenn punches the rocks to death.
  • Rolf has an episode of some sort but says he’s fine.
  • They enter the large central temple where there is a spiral stair to the ceiling.
    • Confronted by a troop of kuo toa and a volatile pool containing another aboleth.
    • Morag uses control water to fuck with the aboleth’s pool and keep the kuo toa off them.
    • Rolf is killed and an intellect devourer emerges from his head. Stenn stomps it.
    • Nathair, Rolf, and Eris are mind-controlled and attack their friends.
  • Eris ends up infected with a weird disease that requires her to be wet.
    • Stenn cures it with his vitality charm after a lesser restoration fails.


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