Laird Domnall MacAidan

Merchant Guildmaster


An older man with grey hair and goatee, both short and neat, and blue eyes. He wears a fine, ankle-length wool tunic dyed an expensive blue under a white surcoat with his family arms. On his right hand is a silver and carnelian signet ring and around his neck he wears the heavy gold chain and medallion of a guildmaster. He has the slow, deliberate movements of a person of advanced age. He is unfailingly courteous, though he is not friendly. He is aware of his power and position and it is reflected in his manner.


Domnall MacAidan is one of the richest men in Fallsport and perhaps the most influential freeman. He is the son of Sir Aidan of Cloverfield and used his father’s wealth to amass an even larger fortune as a cattle merchant. His son, Callum, is the reeve of Cloverfield. He sits on the town council but is otherwise a reclusive figure, working through agents and factors rather than meeting with people directly. Most attribute this to his advancing age. There are rumors that he is always in the market for magic which can retard the effects of aging.

Laird Domnall MacAidan

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