Elf, Explorer, Adventurer, Thief


Erisanthe (Eris to her friends) is an intensely curious young elf with a serious yen for adventure and discovery. Her forays into the wilds to find lost artifacts and knowledge are both appreciated and feared by her superiors and family.


Erisanthe Jaenoues (pronounced “Jones”) is the only child of Gaelia and Vaarsuvius Jaenoues, and was born deep in the Emerald Forest in a small Wood Elf enclave. Her mother was a half-elven adventurer and her father a full Wood Elf Sage. She gained many of her eccentricities from them and their roster of adventurer friends. Despite her youth (she is not yet considered to be an adult), she has traveled extensively across the Vales and Shires in search of lost civilizations and hidden temples, gathering objects and knowledge to bring back to her father.

Eris began her career as an explorer and adventurer by accompanying her parents and their friends on their journeys into the darker, dangerous reaches of the marches. Later, after her father was injured so severely that he was unable to continue traveling regularly, Eris took over her parents’ positions in the group while her mother stayed home to take care of Vaarsuvius. Her parents are now completely retired, as are their friends, and Eris has taken exploratory commissions from several human lairds, an Elven noble, and once did a job for the Graf of Deephaven. She has traveled with Feiran in the past, and also with Morag. She was a fortunate survivor of the shipwreck that showed Morag the error of her ways, and since that time, she has accompanied the half-orc and has been chronicling her progression from pirate to cleric.


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