Gerhard Stein

Mason Guildmaster


A brown-haired dwarf with dark eyes, deep tan skin, and a slight limp. He wears a white wool tunic and trousers with heavy leather boots. For official functions, he wears the heavy gold chain and medallion of his office and his clothes are embroiders with gold. When working, he wears a leather apron and gloves and his clothes are unadorned. He is very practical and has very little patience for politics and intrigue. With his workers, he has a grand sense of humor, but seems ill at ease in official venues.

In battle, he wears plate under a white tabard with von Dahl’s coat of arms and wields a stone maul carved in the shape of a dwarf’s head.


Gerhard Stein is from a prodigious line of stone masons in service to the dwarven king. He was dispatched to lead the construction of Castle Rose as part of the king’s arrangement with the newly arrived humans. When Stonehold fell, he led the surviving members of his house to Fallsport under the command of Graf Lothar von Dahl and soon set them to work reinforcing the town’s defenses. Once the war was over, he became guildmaster of the town’s masons’ guild, despite being a relatively new arrival, due mostly to the prestige of his lineage and his history. He is happy to lead his people in their work but is less enthused about the more political side of his position. The other members of the town council are often frustrated by his lack of subtlety and general disinterest for matters other than the practical considerations of running the town.

He is coming up on the end of his second century. His wife is named Adelheid and they have six children: Leona (120), Willem (111), Soren (94), Klara (83), Jutta (71), Karin (65).

Gerhard Stein

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