Paladin of the Morrigan


A strongly built woman with greenish skin, coarse body hair, and vivid blue eyes. Her black hair falls to the middle of her back and is braided with bits of hack silver and gold, bones, and teeth. Her skin is covered in scars and she covers her face with white pigment. She wears black dragon scale armor and wields a spiked shield and bastard sword. She has immense confidence but isn’t arrogant and is very difficult to bait. She’s lived her life among some of the most brutal creatures in the world and is as tough as it gets. Unlike them, she isn’t impulsive, she is methodical and calculating. And she isn’t afraid to retreat when she’s beat.


Ghost was the product of the rape of Fiona MacNiall by the orcs who killed her parents and nearly killed her future husband Lord Morgan the Younger. She was kept in solitude for the length of the pregnancy by her grandparents and the child was exposed upon its birth. Then, Lord Morgan honored his betrothal and married Fiona, blaming himself for what had happened. The Undying’s spy at Riverbend Castle learned of the child’s birth and took it to the remains of the orc band and paid them tribute in exchange for raising her. Ghost was raised in the orc’s culture of strength and cruelty and nurtured by reminders of the circumstances of her birth by her mysterious benefactor. With his help, she grew strong enough to become the leader of her band and then began conquering others. She reappeared sixteen years later at the head of a large orc horde composed of four united orc bands: Ghost Walkers, Red Hand, Black Moon, and Blood Rage. Her forces were wiped out at the Battle of Sisters Pass, though it was a very close fight, the tide only turned by the efforts of the PCs.

She is seeking vengeance against those who left her to die as a baby (the nobles of Riverbend Castle). She has also been offering tribute to a red dragon beneath Old Baldy, using money from the Fallsport merchants’ guild.


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