King Lothar von Dahl

King of Dvergarheim


A tall (5’) dwarf with coal-black hair and beard, both long and braided, and missing his right eye (covered under a mithril eye-patch). He walks with a slight limp. He wears a gray broadcloth robe trimmed in cloth of mithril with a mithril chain belt under a sheepskin cloak and bears a gnarled wooden staff that appears to be blackened, as if by fire or lightning. He is famously humorless and few can claim to have seen him smile. It is said he gouged out his missing eye for wisdom, like Woden.

When dressed for battle, he wears mithril scale under a gray surcoat.


The Graf von Dahl is the highest ranking surviving noble of Stonehold. As the King’s nephew, he could claim the crown but those close to him claim he won’t until Stonehold is reclaimed. Given his rank and royal blood, he treats with the Earl as an equal (at least) and considers himself the leader of the dwarves of the Glen, who are in exile rather than being subjects of the Earl. He is heavily involved in everything involving dwarves in Fallsport and claims Adders Bluff as his personal holding (his surname “Dahl” is dwarven for dale and refers to the tarn valley, his family’s ancestral lands). He is known to be very religious and spends much of his time at the Temple of Woden, where anyone is said to be able to approach him.

His steward is Sir Markus von Bach. He is known to be good friends with the mason guildmaster, Gerhard Stein.

King Lothar von Dahl

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