Kester MacCameron

Warden of Mapledell


A hardened, scarred middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair, full beard, and dark eyes. He wears studded leather armor under a wolfskin cloak with the head attached. He bears a longbow and two hand-axes.


Kester’s great-grandfather was Sir Cameron, one of the original Earl’s companions and the founder of the village. He grew up training to take over for his father as woodsman and reeve. The Goblin War occurred when he was twenty and he fought on the walls of Fallsport with those of his kin who had survived the attack against Mapledell which claimed the life of his father. After the war, he returned and took up his father’s post as planned, guiding the rebuilding of the village. This time, however, they added a strong palisade wall and watchtowers and everyone in the village who did not already know how to wield a weapon was taught how to. Now, every able-bodied adult, man or woman, is part of the militia and takes turns watching the woods from the towers.

His wife is named Aileen and they have three grown children: Kester, Seumus, and Seoc. Seumus is serving as the squire to Lord Evan in Rose Castle. Kester is married and a hunter. Seoc is apprenticed to the blacksmith.

Kester was elevated to Laird of Mapledell in 91. He still isn’t fond of the style, though. Oren Halfdansson has taken over as Warden of the Southern March.

Kester MacCameron

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