Lady Moira Rose

3rd Earl of Rose


A tall woman with red hair gathered in a bun and bright blue eyes. She is handsome rather than beautiful and sometimes her demeanor can be very hard, particularly when dealing with men. With woman, she is more good-humored, though she brooks no familiarity. She wears a pale green gown of dragon-cloth with gold embroidery and sable trim under a darker green mantle lined with the same. She prefers high laced leather boots over slippers or shoes. On her right hand she wears a gold and pink ruby ring and on her left she has the Earl’s sardonyx signet ring. Her coronet is set with eight large pink rubies and eight pearls on stalks. She also wears a golden torc carved to resemble a garland of primroses.

In battle, she wields a longbow.


Moira was the eldest of three children of Lord Evan, son of the 1st Earl of Rose. She was born in 33 and was betrothed at the age of seven to Prince Angus, grandson of the King, who came to serve as a page in Castle Rose. They were married at the age of 19 but instead of returning to the royal court, the prince opted to remain in Glen Rose in service to the Earl. In return, the Earl accepted him as a member of the family, putting him in the line of succession, infuriating her brother Duncan. When the Earl died in 62, her father did not immediately restate this, starting years of intrigue between Angus and Duncan which was only put on hold with the start of the Goblin War in 70.

During the Siege of Fallsport, both her father and her husband fell before the horde. The army of the Earl nearly routed but for a lucky shot by Moira which killed the Goblin King, after which she rallied the troops. Afterwards, she claimed the coronet for herself. Duncan challenged her claim, but she had the support of the town, the dwarven refugees of Stonehold, and all of the nobles except for her uncle, Lord Murdoch of Oakridge, who lacked sufficient arms to support an uprising. Eventually, the need for peace and reconstruction kept the glen from civil war and Duncan retreated back to Trollwatch to bide his time. In the mean time, the need to replenish the ranks of the knights led Moira to extend the membership to the knighthood to the gentry, which risked alienating the allies who stood beside her against her brother. Again, though, the need to rebuild triumphed.

The twenty years since have seen her cementing her legacy by appointing her children to the most powerful posts in the court and reinforcing the defense of her realm. This, too, has caused grumbling and intrigues abound as the noble families vie for influence amidst the entry of new families into their ranks. The lords of Trollwatch and Oakridge still don’t fully support her, the peace of the last two decades only giving them time to brood over their lack of power. Meanwhile, Moira has been raising her eldest son to take her place, teaching him to stand against his elders and have his own mind. She increasingly allows her sons and nephew to run the Earldom and it is rumored she has taken her housecarl, Alpin Fitzwarren, as her lover and that this distracts her from affairs of state.

She was given two potions of longevity in the summer of 91 and lost two decades of aging. She now appears to be in her mid-30s.

Lady Moira Rose

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