Lord Morgan the Younger

Lord Constable


A tall, muscular man with short red hair, mustache, and beard and green eyes. His manner suggests someone who is used to being obeyed, though it doesn’t verge on arrogance. He isn’t a verbose speaker, preferring to get to the heart of a subject and then move on. He isn’t inclined to over-elaborate or discuss his decisions once they are made. He is rare to smile, usually in the context of his daughters.

He wears a black surcoat over a knee-length purple wool tunic, both embroidered in gold. Over this he has a sable-trimmed white mantle held fast by the gold sword-and-shield brooch of the Lord Constable. On his right hand is his gold and amethyst signet ring and around his neck he wears a golden torc depicting a dragon with ruby eyes biting its tail.

In battle, he wears his grandfather’s mithral plate (a gift from the dwarves) and shield. On horseback, he prefers lance and morningstar. Otherwise, he wields his father’s longsword.


Morgan was born to Lady Moira Rose and Prince Angus in 58 and named for Angus’ grandfather, the King. He was sent to Riverbend Castle at the age of seven to serve as page. He was there while the castle was under siege during the Goblin War and his father was killed. He eventually became Rory MacNiall’s squire at the age of 14. Two years later, they were traveling back from Fallsport when their procession was set upon by orcs. He fought bravely but both his lord and lady were slain and he was badly injured. After recovering, he became squire to his lord’s father, Lord Todd, 2nd Thane of Riverbend. He continued to serve with distinction and was knighted at the age of 21, married Rory’s daughter Fiona and they had a daughter, Kyla. When he was 25, his uncle Gavin died and he was made Constable in his place. He knighted his squire (Gavin’s son Aidan) and made him his Marshall. The two have seen to the protection of the realm ever since.

Morgan, understandably, has close ties to the MacNialls. The current Thane of Riverbend, Lord Niall the Orphan, is his brother-in-law and Niall’s son Todd is his squire. These close ties have, on occasion, alienated the nobles of Oakridge and Trollwatch. There are also those who worry that he and his marshal are too young for the positions they hold, neither being experienced at war. Lord Murdoch Dragonbane of Oakridge in vocal in his opinion that his son, Sir Roy, a veteran of the Goblin War, would have been a better choice. There is also some concern about his lack of sons. Some suggest it is a judgment for his mother taking her father’s title.

Lord Morgan the Younger

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