Lord Murdoch Dragonbane

2nd Thane of Oakridge


A grizzled old man with graying black hair and handlebar mustache and ice blue eyes. Despite his age, he still radiates vitality and strength, though his body shows the marks of his years. He has a slight hunch and a limp that he attributes to his leg being shattered by a bugbear’s morningstar.

He wears dark green dragon leather when hunting and plate in battle. His helmet is shaped like a dragon’s head and incorporates dragon horns. His breastplate is enameled with his device. He always wears a heavy cloak made of an owlbear pelt and keeps his ancestral greataxe always close at hand. He also bears a massive longbow.


Murdoch Dragonbane was born in Oakridge Tower shortly after its construction to Sir Roy and his wife. He trained to be a knight under the first knight, at Rose Castle, but returned home when his father was killed by a green dragon when he was sixteen. He went alone into the forest to kill the beast and returned a week later victorious, taking up the mantle of Thane of Oakridge. The Earl himself knighted him and he was betrothed to his youngest daughter Heather (then eight). When she turned sixteen, they married and she soon provided him with a son, Roy, though the stress of the pregnancy meant she would bear no more children. He has ruled the Tower with an iron fist since, personally fighting the greatest threats to come out of the Elf Wood. With the death of his wife two years ago, however, he has been deferring more of his duties to his son.

Murdoch is the eldest noble in the glen and is very vocal in his opinions. He is critical of the close ties between the Earl’s family and Riverbend and feels that both the Lord Constable and Lord Marshall are two young and inexperienced for the posts they hold. Many think him disapproving of the Earl in general and of the opinion that Lord Duncan should have been the 3rd Earl.

He was slain by Eitrdottir in 91 Seed when she attacked Otter Creek and Oakridge Tower.

Lord Murdoch Dragonbane

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