Lord Niall the Orphan

3rd Thane of Riverbend


Niall MacNiall

  • Born in 54 in Riverbend, 36 years old.
  • Became Thane when his grandfather Todd died in 81 of old age.
  • Son of Lord Rory and Lady Kyla (procession ambushed by orcs in 74).
  • Husband of Lady Gillian.
  • Father of Todd (Lord Morgan’s squire).
  • Brother of Lady Fiona.
  • Brother-in-law of Lord Morgan.
  • Uncle of Lady Kyla.

Killed by an orc ambush led by Ghost on 19 Ice 90. Raised from the dead three days later, on 22 Ice 90, by the priest of Thor from Fallsport.

Lord Niall the Orphan

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