Morag Mac-Aengus


Morag is a tall, strong woman of mixed elven and orc heritage. She has long, rough black hair that’s been pulled back, topknot/braid style. She has black eyes, and oddly delicate features.

She wears chain mail and has the holy symbol of Thor around her neck and on her shield.


Morag grew up in Blackwall, one in a line of descendants of Ostara and Vargus. She grew up with an atypical sense of sarcasm and disbelief in the existence of the Gods. She refused to become a Paladin, and left before she’d reached her adult years to join pirates. She worked her way through prejudice over her gender and her race (mostly the latter), all the way up to Bosun on The Wyvern. She and Captain MacFergus were as close as blood, the older man even giving way to some of her prodding to not simply slaughter boatloads of halfling merchants for their cargo. She got somewhat of a reputation for it, in fact, among the merchants.

One fateful night, they were heading down towards Fallsport. Morag was in an argument with a fellow pirate about the gods, and the weather was not fantastic to begin with, which is in fact what started the fight. The hapless sailor was making a prayer for safe passage to Fallsport in the brewing storm, and Morag, already annoyed, snapped and during the argument, declared loudly that the gods did not exist, and dared them to prove it. Thor hit her with lightning. It went through the hull of the boat, and sunk her.

That day, she became Thor’s servant, tasked with the burden to protect the humans from.. whatever. She took to the task with surprising fervor. She’s still the black sheep of her family, but at least she’s found a faith and a path.

Not everyone on the ship died, notably Erisanthe Jones, Captain MacFergus, and several other pirates.

Morag Mac-Aengus

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