Oidche Hay

Marshal of the Blackwall


A nondescript little man. Supply officer for military, usually ink smudged. Seems timid and worried. A mousy little man in the uniform of a Rose Castle supply clerk. Spends most of his time ferrying goods to and from the various garrisons and towns.


Oidche was born to a poor camp follower some 20 years before. He has no idea who is father was, and has lost interest in ever finding out. His mother was a camp follower for most of her life, finally saving enough money to settle down in Fallsport. She was rumored to have been in the stocks for some reason when she gave birth to Oidche, but had not been accused of any crimes that anyone knows about, or who ordered the punishment in the first place. When she had given birth she went back to her place as camp follower without comment.

While Oidche was growing up, food was scarce and he soon learned that an army marches on it’s stomach and that the quartermasters controlled the food. And that you could get said food for doing odd jobs. As time went on Oidche was given more and more important tasks until he was old enough and just slipped into position of a supply clerk. Rumor has it that he never took formal oath to the Earl as do most soldiers but just sort of graduated into the position. He does get paid and does good work while keeping out of trouble so no one is really sure what is going on, on the few occasions anyone thinks about it anyway.

Because of his rough upbringing he is in weak health most of the time and usually bundled up against the cold, even in summer. He is well known and warmly regarded by most of the solders and garrison commanders in the area.

Oidche Hay

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