Oren Halfdansson

Warden of the Southern March


Of average height and build, with red hair and green eyes. He wears an odd belt covered in a multitude of trinkets and bits of fur and bone. Oren typically carries a vicious looking shortsword and spiked shield, as well as a powerful looking horn bow.


Oren is the only son of Halfdan Svengaldsson, born in Mapledell. After losing his father a few years past from winter hardships (his mother passed when he was young), Oren took up Halfdan’s responsibilities as a scout and tracker for the community. Spending all of his time hunting for game and keeping an eye out for things that do not belong, Oren is very wary and quiet. He prefers the quiet of the forest and hills over the urban bustle and noise.

Oren has a known habit of taking trophies and tokens from memorable hunts and fights he’s been in, and attaching them to his belt. The belt is his only inheritance from his father and is a family heirloom, said to be made of the hide of a white stag.

Oren Halfdansson

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