Rory Fitzwarren

Constable of the Blackwall


Rory is a strapping young solider, with fair skin, brown hair and hazel eyes. She is a Sergeant of the Guards, and earned the nickname “First Spear of Fallsport” for her fierce fighting style with longspear and glaive.


Rory Fitzwarren is the only daughter of Kiefer Fitzwarren and Brianne O’Connor. She has 5 older brothers. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she was raised by her father like the rest of the boys. Kiefer was a castle guardsmen, and Rory and her brothers followed him into the ranks. The clan is known for their great height, great strength, and fierceness in battle.

Rory’s brothers (Argyl, Bran, Roarke, Paidrag, and Kirk) are all castle guardsmen. Arygl is the eldest, at 29. Bran and Roarke are twins, age 28. Paidrag is next at 25. Kirk is 24, and Rory is 20. Kiefer, Rory’s father, is a robust 48 years old, and is in charge of training the guard recruits. Nearly all of Rory’s brothers have attained rank in the guard; Roarke is the exception. He was once a sergeant, but was busted down from his rank for fighting with the personal guard of a visiting dignitary (the entire guard contingent – it caused quite a ruckus).

Paidrag is betrothed to Una’s older sister Elspeth and Kirk is betrothed to her cousin (by Uncle Hamish) Catrina. They will be married on New Year.

Rory’s uncle Alpin is the Earl’s housecarl.

Rory is considered a “baby” by her family not just due to her age, but due to the fact that even at 6’2", she is still shorter than all of them. Rory enjoys a rambunctious, prank-prone but loving relationship with her siblings and father.

Rory Fitzwarren

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