Saraid the Lich



Emaciated high elven woman with long, braided silver hair and eyes of glowing emerald green light. She wears a loose green gown embroidered with arcane symbols in gold and matching slippers. She has an alert, unhurried, detached air about her and her voice is surprisingly beautiful.


She is the older sister of Talulla, wizard of Sheer Hollow. After the death of their youngest sister and being spurned by Lonan (now at The Academy), she began to research life extension and turned herself into a lich. Taking over a vast cavern under the hill which would one day be called “Big Sister” in her name, she has continued her arcane research, scholarly pursuits, and artistic endeavors for the last hundred years. Her state has made her cruel but she isn’t diabolical. She has absolutely no care for the well-being of others in her pursuits, but doesn’t go out of her way to hurt people. If you aren’t in her way or of interest to her, she’ll just ignore you.

Saraid the Lich

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