Lord Aidan the Black

1st Thane of the Blackwall


Average height and build, black hair and trimmed beard, blue eyes. His manner tends to be thoughtful and he gives the sense of really listening when someone is talking to him. He generally dresses simply in a black, waist-length wool tunic and trousers. For formal events, he adds a surcoat trimmed in silver fox fur. The only jewelry he wears is a silver and jet signet ring on his right hand.

In battle, he wears plate and wields longsword and shield.

His coat of arms is a black castle on red.


Aidan was born to Lord Gavin Rose and his wife, Andra MacRoy, in 65. When he was five, the Goblin War took his grandfather’s life and left his Aunt Moira as Earl and his father as her Lord Constable. Two years later, he was sent to Riverbend Castle to serve as page to Sir Niall. There, he developed a close friendship with his cousin, Morgan, who was serving as a squire. When Morgan was knighted, he took Aidan as his squire and the two of them returned to Castle Rose. In 85, his father was killed during a frost giant raid and Morgan was given the title of Lord Constable. He immediately knighted Aidan and appointed him as Marshal. The two have worked closely to ensure the safety of the Earldom ever since.

Aidan shares Lord Morgan’s close ties with the MacNialls. He has no such ties with his mother’s family. His loyalty is known to be foremost to the heir apparent. Despite his inexperience, he has served admirably in his job, being a natural organizer and a very quick learner. He is known to read extensively (a rarity) and to have long, detailed conversations with experts in various fields, both practical and academic. There is a lot of speculation about why he hasn’t married yet, with some citing his odd habits and others the rather close relationship he shares with the Lord Constable.

With the construction of The Blackwall in 91, he is elevated to Thane. He is betrothed to Una Rose (nee Fitzgerald).

Lord Aidan the Black

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