Sir Murdoch the Wolf

Lord Marshall


Lithe man with black hair and trimmed beard and pale gray eyes that seem constantly alert. He moves with precision and grace and has a restless energy about him. He seems uncomfortable indoors, his eyes constantly drawn to windows and doors. He is generally wearing dragon leather and a heavy cloak of black warg fur.

He wears dragon scale into battle and fights with longsword and handaxe, though he shares his grandfather’s skill with the longbow. His helmet is made from a warg head.


Murdoch was born in 57, the middle child and only son of Sir Roy the Younger and his wife Cora. He was sent to his mother’s home, Trollwatch, to serve as page but returned home to be his father’s squire after the Goblin War. He married his distant cousin, Glynis, after he got her pregnant. Not long after, he was officially knighted. The marriage has produced no more children in a decade and it is whispered that the knight and his lady sleep apart. Being two steps away from the thane’s seat, he has few official duties and spends most of his time in his preferred pursuit: hunting. He is more often away from the Tower than there. He is said to be closer to his grandfather than his father, who disapproves of his wandering.

He has little to no interest in politics, but his daughter Cora is the focus of a lot of it. His mother is said to be trying to arrange her marriage to her grand-nephew, Duncan of Trollwatch, while the Thane prefers a match to one of Lord MacNiall’s sons to strengthen ties to the Earl. Cora’s twin brother Roy is Lord Duncan’s squire and his younger brother Wallace is a page at Castle Rose (in the hopes he’ll marry one of Lord Morgan’s daughters).

With Lord Aidan the Black’s elevation to Thane of Blackwall, he moves to Castle Rose to serve as Lord Marshall.

Sir Murdoch the Wolf

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