Archmage of Sheer Hollow


A tall, slender high elf with pale skin, black hair, and green eyes. She generally has an air of detachment, paying little attention to the world around her. She wears a long gown of pastel green embroidered with mystical symbols in gold. She wears a topaz the size of a hen’s egg on a golden chain around her neck. A gold ring set with three small peridots is on her left hand. She doesn’t usually wear shoes indoors. Outdoors, she wears a pale green hooded cloak trimmed with red fox fur and matching slippers and gloves. Sometimes, she is seen bearing a rowan wand.


Talulla has been in Sheer Hollow for as long as anyone can remember. It is said that the tree which serves as her tower was planted by her when she first came there, centuries ago, as a young woman. It is also said that she had two sisters who are now deceased and that the hills flanking the hollow are named for them (Big Sister and Little Sister). The elves of the wood tell many stories of her, but few of them to humans.


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