Tam the Red

War Wizard


A middle-aged man of strong build with dark brown eyes, short brown hair and beard, and tanned skin which bears numerous scars and healed burns. He wears a floor-length dark red wool tunic trimmed with gold embroidery and rabbit fur with a matching mantle and heavy leather boots. A dagger hangs from his sturdy leather belt which is clasped with an iron buckle in the shape of a dragon’s head. His staff appears to be blackened oak, except that it isn’t actually burnt. He wears a large fire opal on a gold chain around his neck.


Tam was a boy from an unremarkable family in Fallsport when he joined the castle guard. He was not long in his position before the second Earl’s war wizard noticed a potential in him and took him as his apprentice. Nearly a decade was spent practicing his art under his stern, often cruel, guidance. He had progressed to journeyman when the Goblin War came and his master was slain, but Tam easily stepped in to take his place.

Most consider him something of an arrogant boor, but he has little use for the opinions of others. Only the Earl’s counts (and to a lesser extent, her son’s). He has his own apprentice now and spends his free time brewing the alchemist’s fire that they use to drive off the frost giants and the distilled elixir (whiskey) that he meters out to curry favor among the nobles and, increasingly, for his own use.

For all his faults, he is a terror in battle with his magic. He is not just adept at evocation but also combat counter-spells. He has been known to take on multiple frost giants by himself as well as facing down a sea-hag in a battle of magic that is still spoken of across the glen.

Tam the Red

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