Hag Covey


The Cailleachan are three hags the size of ogres, muscular and possessing of blue-black skin and claws hard as iron.

The inside of their cave is decorated with skulls of the dead (mostly halfling), halfling and sheep bones, and stinks. A large fire with a cauldron of boiling humanoid stew and two whole skewered sheep roasting (wool and all). A large bloody chopping block sits nearby. Natural stairs lead up to a ledge that gives entry to back of cave where the covey is. The back cave has another large cauldron filled with a mirror-like liquid, a large iron cage, and a wood and iron chest containing: 69 mithral marks, three gold goblets, seven gold spoons, six gold knives, silver pitcher, two gold salt cellars, four silver mugs, gold candelabra, silver ladle, five ornamented gold buckles, eight ornamented silver buckles, spyglass, dozen gold brooches with 5 ct golden emeralds in sunburst (regimental badge, 37 gp) and dozen ornamented sheaths. All items are dwarven in decoration.

The party entered the cave through a back entrance and killed two of the three hags (the maiden and the crone). They then had Tallula collapse the cave entrance to seal the cauldron inside.


The Cailleachan (kal-ek-en) are a trio of hags living in a cave in the Ettin Heads, in the edge of the Elf Wood nearest the Troll Moors. The have a magical cauldron that allows them to control weather and call lightning, causing some to call them the “storm hags”. They sell their services to any who dare come asking, but the price is always high and generally unsavory. Their ogre and ettin minions hunt the moors for them, bringing them sheep, game, and halflings to devour.


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