Una Rose (nee Fitzgerald)

Lady of the Blackwall


Una has very black hair, and green eyes. Despite spending most of her life being raised by Elves, she has a country girl’s hardiness, which serves her well while trekking through the wilderness. For some time there were whispers that she was a half-elf, which she heatedly denied, until it was confirmed by her mentor (who turns out to be her grandmother), her father, and her half brother who showed up out of nowhere. She is now married to Sir Aidan, and the gossips claim that she has used magic to enslave him. She’s taken his sister as her apprentice. Her abilities with engineering and science has allowed her to become quite valuable to Lord Morgan, and to start her own distillery business, which she’s leveraged into creating the first brewer’s guild in Fallsport, effectively changing the political landscape there. She has a staff with a moonstone on the end, and carries a holy symbol for the Morrigan. She wears the Gown of the Tuatha and the Ring of Night.
Her family is blessed by Fulla (especially the women), each set of twins being born on Fulla’s sacred day, without complications or even really too much trouble. Una gave up her blessing to the Morrigan, in exchange for several of those murdered by Eitrdottir in Otter Creek coming back to life. She has since sworn herself to the Goddess of Death’s service, following in her half-brother’s footsteps.
When her husband was given blackwall castle, she quickly became known as “the witch of the blackwall”. Her flair for the over-dramatic has gained her a lot of notoriety, which is good for the blackwall’s defense, but perhaps not as good for Sir Aidan’s political standing.
She is a little absent minded, and doesn’t notice a lot beyond the book she’s looking at.


Una was born in Otter Creek to Fergus and Catriona Fitzgerald, who run the village sawmill. When she was seven, she was sent to Sheer Hollow as a servant. The wizard Talulla noticed her potential and she was given an apprenticeship at the age of 14. She is an avid student of the sciences, and has helped defend the elves from the giants each year by her skills as an engineer.

Most of her family was killed by the dragon Eitrdottir in retaliation for her death, and the destruction of her Phylactery. A few were returned to life due to a bargain with the goddess of death, but it remains a shadow of its former self.

Siblings (several sets of twins)

  • Bonnie & Morag
  • Elspeth & Evelyn
  • Angus & Colin
  • Beatrice & Una

Mother’s Siblings (MacBean)

  • Aunt Iseabail
  • Aunt Grisela
  • Aunt Rhona
  • Uncle Padraig
  • Uncle Hamish
  • Uncle Ian

Father’s Siblings (Fitzgerald)

  • Uncle Lachlan
  • Uncle Graeme
  • Aunt Fyfe (married to the reeve, Sawney MacKincaid)

Mom was born on the feast day for the Goddess of fertility (1 Seed, New Year’s Day) and all the siblings have the same birthday. Fergus has given it up… it seems like there’s not much to be done about it. She seems to have stopped, thankfully.. but that might be because of age. Sisters are having kids at much the same rate.

Una Rose (nee Fitzgerald)

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