Vala Gisila



A young dwarven woman with light brown skin, dark eyes, and long black hair worn loose to her waist. She wears a blood-red gown gathered with a golden cord over a white linen kirtle and goes barefoot. She is intensely sexual to the point of being brazen and many find her gaze discomfiting. She carries an iron wand instead of a dagger.


Gisila was a girl when she fled Stonehold, an acolyte of the Cult of Freya which died with their leader, the Queen. She has initiated herself into the final rites but seems to have no intention of rebuilding the cults. She works as a seeress and is well-known for her predictions at the annual festivals. She lives on the outskirts of Dwarven society in the town, consulted but not included due to her profession. Still, she is said to have a great deal of respect among her people, despite her relatively young age (she’s 60).

Vala Gisila

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