Vargus "Domari" mac Aengus

Champion of the Morrigan


A grim looking half-elven paladin wielding a finely crafted greatsword and wearing heavy armor. Green eyes, dark hair, and a slim yet powerful looking build.


Vargus mac Aengus is the half elven son of Aegnus “Og” – a noble in the high elven court. Raised in the elven community as a warrior, he found his calling shortly after taking up the blade. Determined to punish and avenge the wrongs visited upon others, he took his oath as a paladin of the Morrigan before he had reached the age of 30. Bestowed with the title “Domari” (Judge), he waited at the edges of the Dagda’s court until the goddess saw fit to give him his first Vengeance Oath.

Vargus was gifted with the family blade, Moralltach, when he was sent to rendezvous with his half-sister Una, and assist her with the destruction of the dragon Eitrdottir.

Vargus prefers to be called by his title rather than his name, reserving that for close family members and friends.

Vargus "Domari" mac Aengus

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