A shortish slender wood Elf. While he can stand out in a crowd if he so chooses, he usually fades into the background and watches all about him making notes. While everyday dress is woodland hunter style clothes he has a fondness for frippery when in civilized locals. Most elves consider him perverse for his fondness of human bag pipes. Usually found humming, composing ballads, singing to the trees, or bawdy songs for the drunks in a bar. A care free, happy go lucky lad off to see the world, compose songs of the great and mighty doing daring deeds of awesome adventure. And maybe make a little cash on the side.


He recently started hearing about Una, her companions, and the adventures they have done. While he found it interesting, Winori didn’t find it interesting enough to seek them out and chronicle their stories. However with the news that the young paladin Vargus has left court to assist Una, there might be more going on then it seems, and someone needs to tell the tale.


Tales of the Northern March EricBerg Starnite