Axe of the Dvergr

Artifact magic weapon (battleaxe)


The Axe is a short-handled axe backed by a clawed hammer head. Intricate runes are etched into its blade, which is also plated with gold. The head of the Axe appears to be an erupting volcano with flames forming the head’s prongs.

  • Property: You gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls you make with this battleaxe. It glows when goblins are within 100 feet of it.
  • Property (Attuned): It does not allow its bearer to attune to other items. The weapon’s bonus increases from +1 to +3, and you deal 2d6 extra damage when you hit a goblin with this weapon. In addition, the axe has the thrown property with a range of 25/50 feet. Once per week, the bearer can use an action to summon an earth elemental for one minute.

Forged for the first king of the dwarves, it has remained a symbol of the royal family ever since. It is the bane of goblins and a symbol of the eternal war between the light and dark dvergr.

Axe of the Dvergr

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