Lothar's Staff

Legendary magic staff


This length of lightning-struck oak has end caps of mithril. It is covered in dwarven runes dedicating it to Woden and is treated as a holy symbol. When grasped, the bearer feels a charge like static electricity over the surface of his skin.

  • Property: When the bearer wishes, he can make himself audible to to anyone within 500 feet.
  • Property (Attuned): You must be a cleric of Wodan to become attuned to this item. As an action, you can expend the number of charges indicated and cast one of the following spells contained in the staff.
    • lightning bolt (3 charges)
    • chain lightning (6 charges)
  • Property (Attuned): You can expend up to 4 charges when you hit with an attack using this staff. For each charge you spend, the creature you hit takes 1d10 lightning damage instead of the normal damage and can’t take reactions until its next turn.

Some say the staff was created by Lothar. Others say he traded his missing eye for it. Others speak of a quest that brought it back from Asgard.

Lothar's Staff

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