Sword of Light

Legendary magic weapon (long sword)


An elf-forged long sword with a large diamond set in its silver pommel.

  • Nature: The sword is recognized and hated by giants.
  • Property: You gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls you make with this long sword.
  • Property: The gem in its pommel glows brightly when giants are within 100 feet of it.
  • Property (Attuned): The sword’s bonus to attack and damage rolls increases to +3 versus giants and its touch burns them, dealing an additional 2d10 fire damage on a successful hit.

This sword is one of the Four Treasures of the high elves brought back from Vanaheim. It was wielded by their first High King, Nuada, against the Fomorians. It is also known as the “Shining Sword” or “Nuadu’s Torch”. It was said to have been lost when Nuada fell to Balor’s gaze.

Sword of Light

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