The Cailleachan's Spellbook

Very rare wondrous item


A massive tome sized for a large creature (since shrunk to medium size) bound in unidentified skin. The contents are spells and dark rituals.

  • Property: If you are a mage (wizard), you can use this tome as a spellbook. Once per day while you are holding the tome, as an action, you can cast a spell you have written in this tome without expending a spell slot, having to speak, or having to make gestures. You can take another action as part of the same action, but not if it involves casting a spell or activating a magic item.

This book was penned by the Cailleachan and contains forbidden and arcane lore. It is inextricably connected to the dark forces of Loki.

The Cailleachan's Spellbook

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