The Hoard of Eitrdottir

The collected hoard of Eitrdottir


This is the collected hoard of Eitrdottir, the granddaughter of Loki. Many objects come directly from Vannaheim, and are quite valuable and one of a kind.


The art objects within the hoard are many and quite beauitful.
A locked box quite beautifully carved with a scene of war, and filled with what turns out to be a large pile of gold, minted in Vannaheim, struck with the likeness of Freyr.
A smaller carved box inlaid with mother of pearl, containing 50 freshwater pearls.
A golden circlet set with a large citrine.
A silver ewer carved in a rowanberry motif.
A woven silver belt set with eight tiger eyes.
A carved wooden flute with a feather motif.
A small leather bag containing 12 bloodstones with runes (for telling the future!)
A giant-sized (actually the size OF a giant’s head, likely taken in battle off a giant) bronze helm in the shape of a bull’s head.
A mammoth tusk carved with a depiction of Ragnorak
An ivory scroll tube containing two scrolls; darkness and invisibility
A crystal phial containing a potion of longevity.
Larch auroch drinking horn trimmed with gold, and carved with Valkyries, which has come from Valhalla itself. Whomever drinks from this horn will feel invincible.. 1 gallon capacity.
Magical items:
Bone Hourglass
Chalice of Purity
Horn of the Hart
Mead of Poetry
Pendant of Eitrdottir
Ring of Muspell
Spear of Lugh

The Hoard of Eitrdottir

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