Torc of Jörmungandr


A golden torc carved in the shape of the world serpent. Small round emeralds serve for eyes.

  • Property (Attuned): The wearer has advantage on saving throws versus poison and resistance to poison.
  • Property (Attuned): The item has a number of charges equal to the Charisma bonus of the wearer. Charges refresh at midnight. As an action, you can expend the specified number of charges to cast one of the following spells:
    • charm person (1 charge)
    • command person (1 charge)
    • dominate person (5 charges)
  • Minor Quirk: When a spell is used, the wearer’s eyes turn into those of a snake until the beginning of their next round. The victim of the spell won’t notice this but others will. Also, only one person can be charmed or dominated at a time.

This item was crafted by Loki for the cultists who worship his child. It is both useful and cursed.

Torc of Jörmungandr

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