Tales of the Northern March

The Dead Wood
Session 24

9-15 Blood 192

  • Morag makes three potions of healing.
  • Nathair makes scrolls.
  • Eris does research on the void.
  • Arik gets a deal on a young wyvern but Morag convinces him to wait.
  • Eris advertises for members.

16 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, calm.
  • The Earl summons then and introduces Stenn of the Unicorn Glen.
  • He tasks them with dealing with the fallen green knight and the blight.
  • Morag goes and spends the rest of the day making holy water.
  • Meet with respondents: Edna the Broad. Hire her and let Arik go train his wyvern.

17 Blood 192

  • Chilly, clear skies, light air.
  • Twelve hours up the coast to a fishing village, arrive well after nightfall.

18 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light breeze.
  • Six hours across the Firth to the cove on the Dead Wood.
  • Rolf takes the ship back across the Firth.
  • Two hours at a cautious pace when attacked by spectres.

19 Blood 192

  • Freezing, grey, highly overcast, light air.
  • One hour into their journey, they spot the ghost of Cinead.
  • They converse with the ghost while Edna and Nathair hide.
  • Two hours more, they are assaulted by blights.
The Gatekeepers
Session 23

14 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, gray, highly overcast, moderate snowfall, light breeze.
  • Gislin Schreiner leaves with the party to take them to the sidhe gatekeeper.
  • Ten hours down the Shining River, arriving at Loch Duadh at nightfall.
  • Continue along the shore for three hours, then three more hours up the Scornach.
  • Stop at midnight and set up camp on the shore.

15 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, dark storm clouds, heavy snowfall, moderate breeze.
  • Samhain, full moon, shortly after midnight awoken by the wail of three banshees.
  • Camp again and investigate the burial mound at dawn.
  • Sail two more hours along the river, head into shore due to weather and crashing sounds to the south.
  • About half an hour in, Feiran, Eris, and Arik notice something invisible flying about.
  • Fredo senses a dozen of them and Nathair identifies them as pixies or sprites.
  • Half an hour later, they are surrounded by elven warriors and approached by Torin.
  • Negotiate use of the gate, offering the alliance of the Earl and that the evil ones will be blindfolded.
  • Half the elves take Gislin to their camp, the rest accompany them across the river.
  • Six hours through the heavy snow and the woods, travelling at a snail’s pace.
  • Reach the tor just after dark.
  • Fight off a legion of hobgoblins as the gatekeeper opens the gate.
  • Transport to Sheer Hollow, then sent to magic school in Blackwall.
  • Give the Graf’s diplomatic package to the Earl and give him the short version.

16 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, clear skies, light breeze
  • Detailed discussions with the Earl, Eris shares her maps.
  • Morag hunts down Rolf and finds out he’s burned through 180 of their gold crowns living a life of luxury.

17 Hunter to 8 Blood 192

  • Training for eight level.

9 Blood 192

  • Feiran called back to duty.
On Loch Duadh
Session 22

9 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, few clouds, few flakes, light breeze.
  • Three hours travel through the forest to Loch Duadh.
  • Ten hours by boat along the shore to the north.
  • Stay on boat overnight, lot of fishing.

10 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, calm.
  • Travel eight hours rowing southwest along the north shore of the loch.
  • Spot the frost giant camp and put into shore just before dusk.

11 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, calm.
  • Leave three hours before dawn, rowing southwest.
  • Use control water and silence to get past camp while light in their eyes.
  • Go to shore again at noon, when the giant camp is out of sight.
  • Roc flies overhead mid-afternoon and Nathair distracts it with sky write.

12 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, heavy snowfall, dark storm clouds, moderate breeze.
  • Set off before dawn.
  • Sail for six hours up the Shining River.
  • Attacked by four dozen goblins but rout them by pretending to be a hobgoblin press gang.
  • Six hours further upriver to Diamond Hall.
  • Guard Frode von Stadt greets them, goes to inform the Graf.
  • Nathair sells the goblin arrows he mended.
  • Feiran and Nathair follow Eris around, looking at the gilded architecture.
  • Morag and Arik hit the tavern to ask about what’s going on.
    • The things from the Deep probably behind the corruption of Irondeep.
    • The elves and hobgoblins at war, hobgoblins building a war fleet.
    • Diamond Hall fighting corrupted gray dwarves to the west (edge of Great Underground Empire).
  • The others catch up with Morag, who wants to go to Loch Sidhe.
  • Vala Svanhildr comes for the cursed dwarf child.
  • Gislin Schreiner offers to introduce them to high elf gate-keepers.
  • Frode is waiting to take them to the Graf’s palace.
  • Further plan in their rooms.
  • Nathair ends up playing King’s Table with Lady Gunnvor.

13 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, a few clouds, light air.
  • Brought before Graf Helmfried von Diamant.
  • Eris tells them about what they saw Irondeep.
  • Morag gets permission to borrow a wyvern-rider to fly over Loch Sidhe.
  • Party agrees to carry diplomatic papers to Earl.
  • Eris sits with scribes as they copy her maps.
  • Nathair goes shopping for a necklace of adaption.
  • See cannons being sent to elves.
Deep into the Great Glen
Session 21

6 Hunter 192 (continued)

  • Freezing, clear skies, gentle breeze.
  • In the middle of the night, shouting and crashing.
  • A treant is attacking a tar kiln, dwarf commoners is trying to defend it. (5000 XP)
    • Hariwald, Ingrid, sons Ketil and Milo, and daughter Thordis.
      • Ragged, dirty clothes. Bites fingernails. Curious. Tradition (ideal), protective of valuable property (bond), prone to rage (flaw).
      • Produce wood tar, pitch, turpentine, and charcoal for the city.
    • If they side with the treant, it gives one of them a charm of animal conjuring.
    • If they side with the dwarves, Hariwald gives them a brass horn of valhalla that has been in his family for generations.
  • The faeries take Síle.

7 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light breeze
  • Spot a satyr playing for a singing dryad. If PCs killed the treant, they flee. Otherwise, they might talk.
    • Caiside (kaw-she-da) – distinctive nose, plays lyre, fidgets, suspicious. Change (ideal), captivated by romantic interest (bond), foolhardy bravery (flaw).
    • Genovefa – sings beautifully, uses colorful exclamations, friendly, no limits (ideal), drawn to special place (bond), envies another creature’s possessions (flaw).
  • Eight hours travel through the forest
  • Attacked by four dwarven wereboars. (4400 XP)
    • Each wereboar has 10 silver barons.
    • Baby wereboar in filthy hovel.
  • Apple tree with magic apples (five potions of superior healing).

8 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, gray, highly overcast, gentle breeze
  • Three hours travel through the forest.
  • Encounter frost giant and young white dragon on guard duty for trading ship (6200 XP)
    • Two more frost giants come in response to shouts of alarm (7800 XP)
    • One more frost giant and another young white dragon at boat (6200 XP)
      • Crate of winter wolf furs (1600 gp), ten crates of mammoth furs (1600 gp), and twenty crates of elk hides (320 gp)
Journey to Irondeep
Session 20


Solidify who is carrying what, provisions, and such. Specify that money acquired in the dwarf crypts should be noted apart from shire currency.

3 Hunter 192

  • Sounds: Oceangoing Ship
  • Disembark Ceobaile just before dawn (6am) in coastal fog. Chilly, clear skies, light breeze.
  • Sail down the east coast for thirteen hours (7pm).
    • Hear migrating birds.
  • Five more hours (midnight) to mouth of the Red River.
    • Coastal plain has dwarven farms raising barley and cattle.
    • Hobgoblin has a fort at the mouth of the river.
      • Irongate Legion (black gate on blue).
      • War galley currently docked.

4 Hunter 192

  • Sounds: Forest
  • Very cold, clear skies, gentle breeze.
  • Four hours (4am) upriver to first cataract.
    • Wood elves hunting auroch.
  • Two hours (6am, dawn) to dwarf camp at top of cataract.
    • Encounter hobgoblin trading enclave on their way upriver.
  • Twelve hours (6pm, dusk) by barge to second cataract.
    • Watched by wood elves. Hobgoblins on alert.
  • Two hours (8pm) to second dwarf camp and two hours waiting (10pm).
    • Spot wild boars foraging for fallen nuts.
  • Continue upriver for the rest of the night.
    • Sounds: Windswept Heath
    • Forest is gone from here on up.
    • Abandoned charcoal kilns dot the landscape.

5 Hunter 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light air.
  • Spend the entire day going upriver through the forest.
    • Dwarven shepherds in small villages on moor.

6 Hunter 192

  • Freezing, clear skies, gentle breeze.
  • Hear stone giants in the mountains to the west all night.
  • Arrive (4am) at entrance to Undermountain Road.
    • Dwarven village of pig farmers. Bargemen live here.
  • Two hours (6am) along road to Irondeep.
    • Toll of 1 sp collected at gates.
    • Sounds: Caravan Wagon for travel, then Forgeworks on arrival in Irondeep
  • One hour (8am) having breakfast and reading broadsheets. Síle goes on her way.
  • Hightail it out of town. One hour (9am) emerge.
  • Five hours (2pm) into woods and then camp for night, eat rabbit stew.
Crossing the Blood Firth
Session 19

6 Apple 192

Travel back to the centaur trading enclave, board the Mist Rider and head into the Firth. Nighttime sahaguin attack.

7 Apple 192

Continue travelling without event.

8 Apple 192

Arrive at Ceobaile just after dawn.

9-10 Apple 192

Treating the plague.

11 Apple to 2 Hunter 192

Training and magic item commissions. Shea gives Morag gauntlets of ogre power.

The Horse Plains
Session 18

4 Apple 192

Sail to the horse plains, save Noora, go to the centaur enclave, meet pirates and accept a fetch quest.

5 Apple 192

Venture into the Vast Bog for eyebright to treat the afflicted in Ceobaile, stumble into a carrion crawler nest.

The Highlands
Session 17

27 Honey 192 (night)

Dreams of a gold dwarf, stone golem guardians block entrance to pass.

28 Honey 192

Fight chimera, leave the highlands and explore the cyclops valley.

1 Apple 192

Continue to explore the cyclops valley, get to the cliffs over Sheepskull Loch.

2 Apple 192

Travel to the forest and meet the shaman and her tribal warriors. Eris acquires a pseudodragon.

3 Apple 192

Nasty storm, stay in hut.

Session 16

26 Honey 192

Back to the pass.

27 Honey 192

Through Peryton Pass to the highlands. Two dead perytons and a manticore, badly burned and ripped apart.

Tomb of King Ulrich

25 Honey 192

Venture back into pass, re-enter tomb.


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