Tales of the Northern March

Session 16

26 Honey 192

Back to the pass.

27 Honey 192

Through Peryton Pass to the highlands. Two dead perytons and a manticore, badly burned and ripped apart.

Tomb of King Ulrich

25 Honey 192

Venture back into pass, re-enter tomb.

Peryton Pass
Session 14

15-19 Honey 192

Eris researches the eastern lands. Nathair tries to find the formula for a staff of the serpent and determines that the hags in the Dead Wood are the only ones likely to have one. Morag tries to convert Arik to Thor. Feiran hangs out.

20 Honey 192

The Blackwall to Edgemoor. Stay at the Heap.

21 Honey 192

Halfway across the moors. Night time attack by hydra.

22 Honey 192

Reach the eastern hills.

23 Honey 192

Travel to the pass, end day early.

24 Honey 192

Enter pass, find massive statue, attacked by perytons, thunderstorm and flooding, find shelter in ancient dwarven tomb, fight mummies and flee back to hills.

Session 13

18-21 Harvest 192

Neutralize the remaining wyverns and kill Ylva, return to Blackwall.

22 Harvest to 14 Honey 192


Trouble in Sterling Shire
Session 12

12-15 Harvest 192

Preparations and Gathering Day festival.

16-18 Harvest 192

Travel to Sterling Shire to assist with their war with the orcs. Acquire The Wyvern’s Sting.

The Burning of Snipe Island
Session 11

7-11 Harvest 192

Return to find Snipe Island in flames from a red dragon attack.

Hags of the Troll Moor
Session 10

3-7 Harvest 192

Travel to the lair of Granny Bree, the hag of the Troll Moor.

Return to Blackwall
Session 9

16-19 Hunger 192

Long trip back to Blackwall.

20 Hunger to 2 Harvest 192

Training and magic item commissions.

The Half-Dragon
Session 8

15 Hunger 192

Escaping the ruins of Thrymheim, hunted by a half-dragon and his bugbears.

Olvaldi's Hall
Session 7

14 Hunger 192

Enter the hall of the storm giant king, Olvaldi.


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