Tales of the Northern March

Minions of the Elder Brain
Session 34

5 Seed 193 (continued)

To rest or not to rest.

The Underdark
Session 33

4 Seed 193 (continued)

Explore down the behir’s tunnel and spend most of the day with exhaustive spelunking, avoiding hazards but finding no signs of habitation. Come upon a cave filled with mushrooms where hook horrors are feasting on myconids. They save the last one and its three sprouts. It gets bigger, reanimates three hook horrors to guard the exits, and adds Morag and Eris to the meld. It shows them what mushrooms they can eat and lets them stay for the night. When asked about the way up, it tells them about dark elves in one directions.

5 Seed 193

They follow the tunnel until the reach a room that appears to have been made of worked stone but is now lost to limestone cave structures. Eight duergar appear out of nowhere, growing to ogre size, and attack them, first using bottles of essence of ether in the hopes of taking them alive. In the course of fighting them, they feel something probing at their minds. Stenn is dominated and attacks his fellows until Morag punches him in the face, snapping him out of it. When Nathair drops his wall of fire, they see the mind flayer, who grabs Eris and tries to eat her brain. Morag pulls him off and Stenn punches him to death. When it dies, they feel the attention that’s been on them since they entered the caves become more focused.

Nathair uses a scrying ritual to see what is watching them. He catches a glimpse of a giant brain floating in a pool full of tadpoles, and is then struck dumb by feeblemind. Morag is able to restore him with a prayer bead granting greater restoration.

Foundation of the World
Session 32

3 Seed 193 (continued)

After the battle with the aboleth, they unfold their boat and sleep in a leomund’s hut.

4 Seed 193

Ponder the highly dangerous staircase. Fail to clean the stairs. Eris and Stenn ascend and are attacked by a dozen cloakers. They quickly determine that some of them are illusions. Stenn jumps onto one, sends it hurtling to the ground and jumps back onto the stairs. Morag jumps onto one on the ground, killing it with her hammer. One gets away, despite Nathair casting fireball after it.

They finishing climbing the stairs and take a short rest in the corridor at the top before entering the cave beyond. They are attacked by intellect devourers, ropers, piercers, and finally a behir, all of which they dispatch without too much issue. They gut the ropers and find large semi-precious stones, platinum pieces, and some potions.

The Yawning Void
Session 31

1 Seed 193

  • Chilly, clear skies, gentle breeze, new moon. (12 hours of daylight)
  • Sail downriver for 11 hours to Loch Mathan.
  • Continue on into the night.
  • An hour into the Loch, a maelstrom appears and sucks the party into the Yawning Void.
    • Morag uses the quaal’s feather token anchor to keep the boat fixed.
    • Stuck in place for twenty-four hours.
  • Nathair casts his new commune with nature ritual several times.
    • Detects a kuo toa settlement two miles to the east under the water.
    • Can’t detect a sea floor.
    • Lots of giant animals and elementals.
    • Ceiling is covered with piercers, darkmantles, cloakers, etc.

2 Seed 193

  • Morag prays for commune and legend lore.
    • She learns lore of the Yawning Void with the latter.
  • Row north all day, looking for a stalactite low enough to climb.

3 Seed 193

  • Continue north for four hours until Fredo spots something.
  • Find a huge stalactite with a staircase leading inside, slimy and foul.
  • Nathair casts commune with nature again.
    • Detects more kuo toa, no animals within a mile, and no powerful undead.
  • Morag casts commine and asks Thor:
    • If we enter here, will we have an opportunity to get up to Midgard? Yes.
    • Is there another such opportunity within two days to the north? No.
    • Is there another such opportunity within five days to the south? No.
  • They disembark and argue about scuttling the boat.
  • Eris points out that something’s been swimming alongside the boat.
  • The aboleth contacts her mind, learns her desires, and tells her of a ruined city full of treasure inside.
  • Morag tells it to leave her alone and is contacted, it is angry she serves the gods.
  • Everyone bolts up the stairs.
  • They find the interior hollow and filled with open temples large and small.
  • Ancient carvings and shiny things attract them to a temple, where another aboleth lurks in a pool.
  • On leaving, they are attacked by galeb duhr. Stenn punches the rocks to death.
  • Rolf has an episode of some sort but says he’s fine.
  • They enter the large central temple where there is a spiral stair to the ceiling.
    • Confronted by a troop of kuo toa and a volatile pool containing another aboleth.
    • Morag uses control water to fuck with the aboleth’s pool and keep the kuo toa off them.
    • Rolf is killed and an intellect devourer emerges from his head. Stenn stomps it.
    • Nathair, Rolf, and Eris are mind-controlled and attack their friends.
  • Eris ends up infected with a weird disease that requires her to be wet.
    • Stenn cures it with his vitality charm after a lesser restoration fails.
Battle of Plumbank
Session 30

1 Yule 192

The first attack by the Black Talon legion against the halflings of Plumbank on Long Lake. They are repelled by the combined forced of Rose Shire, Sterling Shire, and Unicorn Glen.

Mother Bones
Session 29

24 Blood 192 (continued)

  • Freezing, mostly cloudy, gentle breeze. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.

25 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light breeze. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.

26 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, moderate breeze. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.

27 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, calm. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.

28 Blood 192

  • Freezing , clear skies, moderate breeze. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.

1 Yule 192

  • Very cold, gray, slightly overcast, light breeze. New moon. Seven hours daylight. First day of winter.
Clan Bean
Session 28

22 Blood 192 (continued)

  • They are fighting the four elementals in the illusory treasury after a short rest.
    • Morag thunder waves the water elemental into the fire elemental, destroying it.
    • Nathair banishes the water and air elementals.
    • The snake staff entangles the earth elemental and everyone beats it into rubble.
  • Stay the night in the hag caves.

23 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, calm. Waning crescent moon.
  • Morag uses shape earth to get the shield guardian out.
  • Find the root maze now devoid of the guards and wards and leave easily.
  • Spend the day travelling through the boggy woods to Sruth Arth (“Bear Creek”).
  • Trip a pit trap and attacked by three wereboar brothers and their pet giant boar.
    • Nathair wall of fires them and the rest of the party tries to push them into it.
    • A pack of ghasts with a family resemblance show up part way through the fight.
    • The last two brothers killed as they try to flee the undead
    • Morag uses control water to put out the fires caused by Nathair.
  • Blow the wereboar’s hunting horn and prepare a trap.
  • Three more male wereboars arrive with torches after dark but flee on seeing Morag and the shield guardian.
  • Spend the night and then approach the lair around midnight.

24 Blood 192

  • Freezing, mostly cloudy, gentle breeze. Waning crescent moon. Eight hours daylight.
  • Nathair suggests the shield guardian rise up out of the stream.
    • The wereboars hit it with a ballista bolt from a high hole in the wall.
    • Nathair does a fireball through the hole and Stenn enters that way.
    • Morag and the shield guardian enter the main cave.
    • Eris goes invisible and sneaks inside.
    • Nathair fires spells through the entrance.
    • Wereboar women tangle the shield guardian in nets.
    • Stenn engages Papa Bear and defeats him when the snake staff entangles him.
    • Nathair fireballs the nursery, killing all the children and enraging Mama Bear.
    • Pitched battle on the stairs as the women try to kill Nathair.
    • The few remaining women and Mama Bear retreat to the nursery with the last brother guarding the hall.
    • The party kills him and Mama Bear while the last two daughters flee to the last cave.
  • Morag uses revivify to raise three of the four dead children (infant girl, toddler boy, 6-year-old girl).
  • Stenn offers the last two the choice of being turned over to the werebears or killed.
    • They choose the former and are taken there with their two children.
    • One warns him to burn the bodies.
  • The infected elf woman slave is reunited with her infant daughter.
  • The bodies are taken out to be burned.
Hag's Labyrinth
Session 27

22 Blood 192

  • Wake to the pool having been turned acidic.
    • Get to the shore with repeated leomund’s tiny huts.
  • Eventually defeat the arcane lock on the door behind the waterfall, only to trigger the glyph of warding on the floor behind it.
  • Enter a curving corridor where a stone ball rolls towards them.
  • Fight ghouls, hags, and a shield guardian with the help of the serpent staff.
  • Discover that Black Agnes is actually a simulacrum.
  • Salvage potions and a formulary from the alchemical lab ruined by Morag’s gust of wind.
  • Find the treasure room is an illusion covering ruined art and four summoned elementals.
The Dark Below
Session 26

21 Blood 192

  • Freezing, clear skies, gentle breezes.
  • Descend into root maze along web-covered natural staircase.
    • Attacked by swarms of spiders and two wraiths.
  • Stumble on yellow mold.
  • Morag falls into a pit trap with a gelatinous cube.
  • Enter corridor filled with stinking cloud, attacked out of the walls by wights.
  • Find another natural staircase going down.
    • The oni, Tavish, appears and triggers a tunnel collapse. Stenn murders him with fists.
  • Trigger a glyph of warding at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Enter a cave with a large pool fed by a waterfall.
    • Attacked by a spirit naga, water weird, and black pudding.
    • Nathair summons a wall of fire to flush out the naga, fills the cave with steam.
    • The water weird drags Edna and Stenn into the water, saved from drowning by the daily water breathing spell.
    • Morag kills the water weird by pushing all the water to the back corner of the cave.
    • Nathair kills the black pudding by pushing it into the wall of fire with eldritch blasts.
    • Stenn punches the naga to death.
  • Gather the treasure from the now empty pool.
  • Nathair makes a leomund’s tiny hut in the bottom of the pool, underwater.
Aisling's Tower
Session 25

19 Blood 192 (continued)

  • Freezing, grey, highly overcast, light air.
  • Giant vultures spotted in the sky. Travel another hour.
  • Attacked by a pack of death dogs and an oni. Steal his hag’s eye and dodge giant vultures.
  • Two more hours travel, spot trees full of dead bodies and the tower.
  • Nathair sends his bat to look for an opening in the wall, he doesn’t find one but hears songs.
  • When Eris goes into trance that night, the night hag comes in from the ethereal plane and steals her bag with the hag’s eye.

20 Blood 192

  • Very cold, clear skies, light air.
  • Get a log to use to get over the wall but harpy song charms Edna, who scales the wall.
  • The party follows and the doors to the tower open.
  • A short conversation with Aisling ensues, then Morag attacks.
  • Nathair banishes her nightmare and they fight off her hellhounds as she hammers them with magic.
  • The knight retreats back into the tower and calls out her helmed horrors, but her child convinces her to parlay.
  • The Nameless Child asks them to kill the night hag but Morag convinces Aisling to seek atonement and she kills her child and banishes the ghost of her father.
  • Aisling leaves the tower to clear the blight from the land.
  • The party bunks down in the tower to rest before descending below.

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