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  • Lord Murdoch Dragonbane

    Murdoch Dragonbane was born in Oakridge Tower shortly after its construction to Sir Roy and his wife. He trained to be a knight under the first knight, at Rose Castle, but returned home when his father was killed by a green dragon when he was sixteen. He …

  • Eitrdottir

    It is uncertain where she came from. She was known to have an alliance with a traitor in Fallsport which she called "The Undying". It is suspected that this is the one who cursed Sir Murdoch with lycanthropy. She was slain on the 22 Yule 90 by the party …

  • Balor the Undying

    Balor was the leader of the Fomorians, a race of giants who were defeated by the high elves when they first came from Vanaheim. Balor was killed by Lugh with his spear. His burial mound is the western Ettin Head (called Balor's Mound in Giant). The …

  • Fyrstrlogi

    Fyrstrlogi ("first flame") is the emissary of the ancient red dragon Brennablod ("burning blood"), who lairs under Old Baldy.

  • Brennablod

    This dragon slumbers under the lava dome called "Old Baldy", just north of the Troll Moors.

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