Adders Bluff

Sixty hill dwarf families dwell on the edge of the tarn overlooking the glen in stone houses. It has a mill, a blacksmith shop, and several smelters and furnaces, the smell of which dominates the village. It was founded by refugees of the fallen city of Stonehold. The settlement is constantly troubled by undead from the ruined dwarven city-state. It is named for the poisonous snakes common to these rocky environs.


They maintain a quarry and several mines and trade their products through agents in Fallsport. Their population has overrun their agricultural capacity, so mostly they trade for food.


The reeve is a mountain dwarf knight, Sir Gilbert von Dahl, who reports to King Lothar von Dahl in Fallsport. The tarn valley is the Graf’s ancestral holding. He can levy sixty dwarves armed with battleaxe, light crossbow, and gambeson.


The locals raise goats and sheep. They grow rye for bread and raise bees mostly for the production of mead.


  • Ingot, bronze (10 lb): 5 crowns
  • Ingot, copper (10 lb): 5 shillings
  • Ingot, gold (5 lb): 250 crowns
  • Ingot, iron (10 lb): 5 pence
  • Ingot, lead (10 lb): 5 shillings
  • Ingot, mithral (5 lb): 2500 crowns
  • Ingot, silver (5 lb): 25 crowns
  • Ingot, tin (10 lb): 5 groats

Adders Bluff

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