Large apple orchards surround the village and its residents raise some of the finest pigs in the glen. Forty stout halfling families live here in wattle-and-daub houses with thatch roofs. There is a mill, a curing house, a barn, and a bakery. Ettins raiding from the hills to the north are a common occurrence. They keep a few ponies for pulling carts.


They trade apples and pigs for grain.


The reeve is a stout halfling named Gwendolyn Stormrest, who was elected by the villagers. She is an old priestess of Fulla with a knack for weather prediction.


Applebottom is known for cider and sausages. They raise a lot of pigs, as well as some chickens and geese. They also have quince trees and make preserves.


  • Lard (1 lb): 1 groat
  • Pork (1 lb): 9 farthings
  • Pork, bacon (1 lb): 2 pence
  • Pork, ham (1 lb): 4 pence
  • Pork, loin (1 lb): 6 pence
  • Pork, smoked (1 lb): 7 pence
  • Pork, suckling pig: 5 shillings
  • Apples (1 bu): 7 pence
  • Cider, fresh (1 pt): 1 farthing
  • Cider (1 pt): 3 farthings


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