Ceobaile (kyo-bal-a, elven for “Mist Home”) is a port that serves as the base for the pirates of the eastern shore and home for refugees displaced by hobgoblin expansionism. The town is built into the walls of a narrow fjord. Several large caves are large enough to sail a ship into but most are tethered to the rock walls. Rope bridges allow passage from one side to the other (the width is about 120 feet).

The town is currently suffering from a plague of sight rot which is taxing its resources.


There are about 5,000 residents (a quarter of whom are not present at any given time). Half are elves, a third halflings, and the remainder are mostly dwarves with a handful of gnomes. Relations between the races are good.


The mayor is respected, just, and fair. There are many guilds but the pirate guild is the most powerful, by far, holding the position that a merchant’s guild might in other towns (and operates in a similar manner).


Food is mostly fish and sheep from the hills along the coast. Everything else depends on what is raided. The pirates trade with the elves for honey, fruit, nuts, game, and lumber. They trade with the dwarves of Irondeep for weapons and metal.

Important People

  • Mayor – male dwarf Danr: hunched back, perceptive but clumsy, perfect memory, enunciates overly clearly, rude
  • Pirate Queen – female high elf Morrigan: alabaster white skin, perceptive but pale, blustering, plays the viol, chews on a toothpick
  • Barkeep of The Running Lamb (pirate bar) – male halfling Glaw: missing fingers, hardy but fumbling, skilled actor and master of disguise, fidgets, blustering
  • Cleric of Njord – male wood elf Aled: pronounced scar – sharkbite, spiritual but dull, great with animals, whispers, quiet


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