Clan Rose

Clan Rose was established by the first Earl of Rose when he built Fallsport and claimed the glen as his domain. Each of his companions established a sept, which represent the dominant families in the shire.

Major Septs

The founders of these septs were landed nobles and their families represent the nobility of the shire.

Sept MacDuncan of Rose


The MacDuncans are named for the first Earl of Rose, Lord Duncan. His family has ruled the shire since his arrive in year 10. Members of the sept were marked by their red hair but the Earl’s line has been dark-haired since Lord Aidan, the 4th Earl, which is also when it saw an injection of elven blood.

  • Lord Duncan, 1st Earl of Rose (10-62)
  • Lord Evan, 2nd Earl of Rose (62-70)
  • Lady Moira, 3rd Earl of Rose (70-92)
  • Lord Aidan the Black, 4th Earl of Rose (92-125)
  • Lady Catriona, 5th Earl of Rose (125-151)
  • Lord Morgan, 6th Earl of Rose (151-190)
  • Lord Angus, 7th Earl of Rose (190-)

Sept MacEdan of Trollwatch


The son of the founder, the 2nd Thane of Trollwatch, sired only daughters and his line nearly went extinct, but the style and heraldry were adopted by his son-in-law (Duncan MacDuncan) when he became the 3rd Thane. His son continued the tradition when he was imprisoned for treason and the two families have diverged over the years. They are known for their red hair, which they take great pride in (and are quick to note the MacDuncans no longer have).

Sept MacNiall of Riverbend


This sept was founded by the 1st Thane of Riverbend. It is closely tied through marriage with the MacDuncans and has always been the staunchest supporter of the Earl among the nobility. It also contains a line with orcish and elvish blood, descendants of a half-orc scion and her half-elf husband. Its members tend to have fair hair.

Sept MacRoy of Oakridge


This sept was founded by Lord Roy, the 1st Thane of Oakridge. The 2nd Thane, Murdoch, was named the Dragonbane after slaying the dragon which killed his father. The Thanes have a reputation for being formidable warriors and also for being distant from the Earl and her court. Its members tend to have black hair.

Minor Septs

The founders of these septs were granted lands but not titles by the 1st Earl or rose to prominence afterwards. They represent the gentry of the shire. Members of these bloodlines tend to have brown hair.

Sept MacAidan of Cloverfield


This sept was founded by Sir Aidan, Laird of Cloverfield. It is famous for his son, Domnall, who made a pact with Loki to become a vampire and a warlock and dominated the affairs of Fallsport for decades before being discovered in 91. The family fell into disfavor afterwards, but their immense wealth in cattle allows them to remain powerful.

Sept MacBryce of Hermit Tor

Mac bryce

This sept was founded by Sir Bryce, the Laird of Hermit Tor. His family is known for their skill with horses, both as riders and breeders.

Sept MacKincaid of Otter Creek

Mac kincaid

Founded by Sir Kincaid of Otter Creek and closely tied to the MacRoys, it is known for being blessed with unusual fecundity and having elven blood.

Sept MacCameron of Mapledell

Mac cameron

Founded by Sir Cameron, the 1st Earl’s warden. He was not granted lands, but his family’s role in tending the Earl’s woodlands earned him consideration on par with the lairds of the shire. His grandson, Kester, was eventually granted the title and the village of Mapledell.

Sept Fitzwarren of Fallsport

This family was long in the service of the Earl and rose to prominence with the ascension of Alpin to Lord Provost of Fallsport in year 91 and his niece Rory’s exemplary service as the “First Spear of Fallsport”. While they have no title or lands, the large family contains some of the most skilled knights and guardsmen in the shire and benefits from a great deal of respect and reknown.

See also Genealogy.

Clan Rose

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