Mac aidan

This small ranching community consists of about forty human families living on the northern side of the river. The houses and barns are made of field stone and wood with thatch roofs and tend to be single story buildings with spacious lofts. Each house also has a skep for keeping bees. There is a mill and a blacksmith shop. The laird’s home is the only two story building in the village and is made entirely of field stone. It includes a large barn and a doocot. Herding dogs are a common sight and the entire village smells of manure. The ferry here allows passage across the river.


Its main products are beef, cheese, beeswax, and honey. Their clover honey is considered inferior to Edgemoor’s heather honey, particularly for making mead. Each family tends its own garden but grain is purchased from other villages.


The Laird of Cloverfield is Domnall MacAidan, but he lives in Fallsport and his son, Callum MacAidan, manages his lands in his stead. The village was founded by Domnall’s father, Sir Aidan. He can levy forty men armed with spear and gambeson.


Beef, cheese, butter, and clover honey are the local specialties, but they also raise pigs, chicken, and geese. They drink both mead and ale.


  • Bull: 12 crowns
  • Cow: 75 shillings
  • Calf: 3 crowns
  • Ox: 9 crowns
  • Honey (1 lb): 16 crowns
  • Butter, salted (1 lb): 15 pence
  • Cheese (1 lb): 8 farthings
  • Cheese, fine (1 lb): 15 farthings
  • Cream (1 pt): 6 farthings
  • Milk (2 qt): 6 farthings
  • Beef (1 lb): 12 farthings
  • Beef, jerked (1 lb): 2 pence
  • Beef, roast (1 lb): 4 pence
  • Beef, steak (1 lb): 5 pence
  • Beef, smoked (1 lb): 7 pence
  • Beef, veal (1 lb): 8 pence


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