Comfort Knoll

A large farming community of sixty stout halfling families in wattle-and-daub houses sitting on the northern shore of the river but with fields on either side. The eponymous knoll is near the center of town and is tunneled out to serve as the village hall and communal bakery, granary, and brewery. There is also a mill on the river next to the ferry which takes farmers to their fields on the far side. A sizable pear orchard is located just downstream of the village and the warren is north. They keep ponies and shepherd dogs.


They trade grain, pears, and rabbits, but are generally self-sufficient.


The reeve is a stout halfling named Ieuan Redburrow and was chosen by the villagers. The elder of the village is his mother, Eilwen.


The halflings here are known for raising rabbits, but also raise sheep, pigs, chicken, and geese and grow a variety of vegetables. They also supplement meals with fish year round. The locals drink ale and perry.


  • Perry (1 gal): 24 farthings
  • Pears (1 bu): 6 pence
  • Barley (1 bu): 25 pence
  • Oats (1 bu): 2 groats
  • Rye (1 bu): 15 pence
  • Wheat (1 bu): 4 groats
  • Rabbit meat (1 lb): 5 farthings
  • River fish (1 lb): 6 farthings

Comfort Knoll

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